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1.Aari Embroidery Cot Sale

1. Teak wood 4feetx4feet (Thread and Gada Cloth fittings) = RS.2500

2. Teak wood 6feetx4feet (Thread and Gada Cloth fittings) = RS.2700

3. Padak wood 6feetx4feet (Thread and Gada Cloth fittings) = RS.3300

4. Iron Leg 4 Numbers with Painting = Rs.1300

2.Aari Work Blouse – Bridal Blouse – Embroidery Work

. We are taking Orders for Wedding Blouses with Aari works

. Beautiful Aari Work – Bridal Work . We design beautiful aari work blouses in your blouse material.

. We have range of collection to choose from. Choose your desired design. Place your order.

3.Professional Aari Needle Sale

1. Professional Aari Needle for Jari Thread = RS.50

2. Professional Aari Needle for Double Silk Thread = RS.50

3. Professional Aari Needle for Jari Double Thread = RS.50

4. Professional Aari Bead Needle = Rs.50

5. Professional Aari Jardosi Needle = Rs.30

4.Aari Embroidery Tracing Pattern Sale

we have lots of Aari Embroidery Ready made design paper pattern availabe for sale. Each Pattern Front Neck, Back Neck & sleave designs available. Our Tracing paper pattern in standard size. Price start with Rs.150.

Steps for Pattern Tracing on Cloths

1.Hole the papper pattern design area.

2.Take a bowl put zink powder add some kerosine mix well until come liquid formate.

3.Stitch Blouse bit on Aari cot then holed tracing pattern papper put on the blouse bit and take sponge touch the zink liquid apply on paper pattern in all holes area.

4.Remove the tracing paper & you can see paper design transferred in your Blouse bit. After that you can start Embroidery.


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