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About Online Classes

We are happy to offer a variety of sewing and Aari Embroidery Classes online for women.

Do you want to learn how to sew? Are you looking for online sewing lessons or a sewing tutor to teach you using Skype and a webcam? If you are seeking help in learning how to hem a garment, alter a dress, fit a zip, thread a sewing machine or simply want tips on how to improve your sewing and design skills, we have a wonderful selection of online sewing instructors, tailors and seamstresses for you to choose from. As lessons take place using Skype or our Virtual Classroom, you can soon be enjoying a personalised one-to-one Online Skype Sewing Lesson specifically tailored to your needs. Learn from the comfort of your home at a time convenient for you. we are providing demo class, so you can try them out without any risk or obligations. Our dedicated Sewing tutors are able to answer your questions and provide you with the exact help or tips you need.

buildings in commercial spaces, factory spaces and residential spaces.

We are taking Orders for Wedding Blouses with Aari works

1.Sewing Portions Online

  • Jabala Dress
  • Cut Panties
  • Underwear
  • Siamese
  • V Neck Siamese
  • Gathering Siamese
  • Mini frock
  • Step frock
  • Midi
  • Long Blouse
  • Baby shirt
  • Pyjama
  • Ins skirt
  • Nighties
  • Grandma Blouse
  • Baby shirt
  • Umbrella midi
  • Chudidhar
  • Salwarkameez
  • Semi Patiala
  • Gathering pant
  • Neck Designs 4 Designs
  • Blouse Cross Cut
  • Blouse Stright Cut
  • Blouse Cross Cut with lining
  • Blouse Stright Cut with lining

  • Course Fees - $130 (OR) Rs.10,000 (Duration 20 Hours)

2.Sewing Portions Online

  • Katori Blouse
  • Prince Cut Blouse
  • Back Hook Blouse
  • Patch Umbrella Sudithar
  • Kalli Umbrella Sudithar
  • Patiala Pant (Panjabi Style)
  • Back Zip Sudithar
  • New Neck Models
  • Collar Neck (Sudithar & Blouse).

  • Course Fees - $160 (OR) Rs.12000 (Duration 20 Hours)

    3.Aari Embroidery Basic Online

  • Running Stitch
  • Loose Running Stitch
  • Water Filling Stitch
  • Zig Zag Stitch
  • Wheat Stitch
  • Knot Running Stitch
  • Arumbu Stitch
  • Wheel Stitch
  • Magic Stitch
  • Button Hole Stitch
  • Leaf Stitch-1
  • Leaf Stitch-2
  • Feather Stitch
  • Plain Load Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Salli Knot Stitch
  • Step Sequence Stitch
  • Flat Sequence Stitch
  • Beat Stitch
  • Lotus Flower Sequence Stitch

  • Course Fees - $130 (OR) Rs.10000 (Duration 15 Hours)

    4.Aari Embridery Advance Online

  • Thread Load Emboss Stitch
  • Diamont Stitch
  • Mukkal Seetha Kaata Stitch
  • Cross Diamond Stitch
  • Reverse Seetha Kaata Stitch
  • Butterfly Stitch
  • Samosa Diamond Stitch
  • Pathi Kaata Stitch
  • Sataai Stitch
  • Pather Jaal Stitch
  • Patch Work Stitch
  • Peacock Feather Cross Stitch
  • Peela Knot Stitch
  • Cut Beat Load Stitch
  • Stone Stitches
  • Step Beat Stitch
  • Mirror Stitch
  • Madapan Kaata Cut Work Stitch
  • Diamont Jaal Cut Work Stitch
  • Cutwork without cloth Stitch
  • Zardosi Stitches

  • Course Fees - $160 (OR) Rs.12000 (Duration 20 Hours)


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