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About Fashion Designing

Learn basic and advanced sewing techniques, a range of machine and hand stitching types, the equipment you need and how to use it, how to measure correctly and choose the right fabrics, how to follow commercial patterns and create your own, and how to build a business.

For some, the most off-putting part of learning to sew is getting to grips with the sewing machine itself. The Sewing Diploma Course begins by removing all trepidation, teaching you the basic parts and functions of your sewing machine, no matter which brand you have. You will quickly learn how to operate a sewing machine, including how to thread the bobbin and thread your sewing machine, and even gain the confidence to troubleshoot any minor problems that may arise, and understand how to care for your machine.

Another area that may at first seem baffling, is the array of tools available to the sewer. The course introduces you to the basic tools and accessories that you need to have in your sewing basket and outlines what each does.

Before working on a garment for yourself or a client, it is important to take accurate measurements. You will learn how to correctly measure women the importance of rechecking measurements as years go by, to allow for changes in weight or body shape.

The course takes all the skills you have learned and combines them into several projects for you to follow, all of which will help you to develop the various techniques you have learnt. Each project gives you a summary of the item that you will make, the materials you'll need, and the skills you'll develop, before giving you step-by-step guidance on how to create the piece. The fully-guided projects included in the course are:

Base Level & Kameez

Base Level
  • Gathering Siamese
  • V-Neck Siamese
  • Pattu Pavadai Set
  • Mini Frocks

  • Kameez
  • Semi Umbrella
  • Cine Shot Umbrella
  • Kalli Umbrella
  • Mastani
  • Crop Cut
  • Four Cut
  • Samosa Cut
  • Coat Top (mini)

  • Salwar & Blouse

  • Semi Patiala
  • Patiala
  • Gathering pant
  • Palazzo Pant
  • Dhoti Pant

  • Blouse:
  • Straight Cut Blouse (Belt)
  • Straight Cut Blouse with Lining
  • Cross Cut Blouse (Belt)
  • Cross Cut blouse with Lining
  • Katori blouse & with Lining
  • Prince Cut Blouse & with lining
  • Back Hook Blouse & with lining.

  • Wedding Blouse Collections Patch Work 8 Models:

  • Plain Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse
  • Embellished Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse
  • Cut Work Blouse
  • Net Blouse Designs
  • High Neck Blouse
  • Round Cut Out Back Neck
  • Back Neck Pattern

  • Basic Aari Embroidery

  • Running Stitch
  • Loose Running Stitch
  • Water Filling Stitch
  • Zig Zag Stitch
  • Wheat Stitch
  • Knot Running Stitch
  • Arumbu Stitch
  • Wheel Stitch
  • Magic Stitch
  • Button Hole Stitch
  • Leaf Stitch-1
  • Leaf Stitch-2
  • Feather Stitch
  • Plain Load Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Salli Knot Stitch
  • Step Sequence Stitch
  • Flat Sequence Stitch
  • Beat Stitch
  • Lotus Flower Sequence Stitch

  • Advanced Aari Embroidery

  • Thread Load Emboss Stitch
  • Diamont Stitch
  • Mukkal Seetha Kaata Stitch
  • Cross Diamond Stitch
  • Reverse Seetha Kaata Stitch
  • Butterfly Stitch
  • Samosa Diamond Stitch
  • Pathi Kaata Stitch
  • Sataai Stitch
  • Gold Coin Stitch
  • Patch Work Stitch
  • Peacock Feather Stitch
  • Peela Knot Stitch
  • Bead Load Stitch
  • Mirror Stitch
  • Madapan Kaata Cut Work Stitch
  • Diamont Jaal Cut Work Stitch
  • Cutwork without cloth Stitch
  • Zardosi Stitches